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Welcome to Al-Rushd Independent School, where you can now experience British education from the comfort of your home. Our aim is to provide excellent and quality teaching, with an individual-centered approach to education that instills correct tarbiyah (upbringing) in our pupils. This equips them to be exemplary Muslims, fully accustomed to both modern and traditional teachings.

We aspire to give all our pupils a true understanding of Islam, devoting them to the true Islamic values of lifelong-learning, tolerance, and making positive contributions to society at large. We are committed to achieving the highest level of achievement in religious, cultural, and academic performance by providing opportunities for pupils to reach their full potential.

At Al-Rushd Independent School, we understand the importance of convenience and accessibility, which is why we offer our services to students worldwide, saving both time and money without the need for travel. Our students can access a variety of subjects, including English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Sciences, History, Sociology, Business, Arabic, Quran, Islamic studies, and Design & Creative Studies.

Join us on this journey towards academic excellence while nurturing a strong Islamic identity. Enrol your child in Al-Rushd Independent School today.



At Al-Rushd Independent School, we offer a unique British and Islamic curriculum for primary school students.

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The Key Stage 3 & 4 subjects offered in Al-Rushd Independent Secondary School allow students to explore different subjects

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At our Sixth Form, students study AS and A Levels giving them the ability to apply to top universities around the world…

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At Al-Rushd Independent School, high-quality Teaching and Learning underpins all we do.

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Islamic curriculum offered with the national curriculum…

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The pioneering Islamic education system offered by Al Rushd is unlike that on offer from other Madrasah in the UK.

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Education never ends. Ensuring that children are always learning makes them open-minded and conversant with the constantly changing world.

Our management team at the school seeks to ensure that all learners complete their primary and secondary school education to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills for their future. Learners at our school come out ready for success in their fields of specialization.

Why Al-Rushd?

Why Al-Rushd Independent School?

  • Islamic Values and Identity
  • British curriculum
  • Smaller Class Sizes
  • Learning without Bullying
  • No more school runs!
  • Qualified teachers conduct interactive and engaging lessons LIVE, online!
  • Lessons are recorded so that students can recap and go over anything they would like to revise. Absent students can catch up afterward.
  • The lessons are more focussed so less time is required overall.
  • Students can interact with the teachers and peers during lesson via the online video platform

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How our Online School Work?

Our Online School is a non-traditional form of education that uses the Internet to deliver British education. Instead of attending school in a traditional setup, students ‘attend’ classes on the Internet and receive live lessons. All resources are provided via our school portal with each lesson, as well the students make use of textbooks.

Online schooling is an alternative to more traditional schooling, whereby children learn entirely online.

Al-Rushd Independent school delivers virtual classes that students can take from home or a library or anywhere else that has an Internet connection. Our qualified teachers conduct interactive and engaging lessons LIVE, online using a virtual classroom, which includes a live video and audio as well as a whiteboard and a chat box. The teachers work remotely and follow the British Curriculum. The lessons are recorded to ensure that learners, as well as their parents, can access and revise what was previously taught to enhance more learning. For support, Students can effortlessly interact with their teacher and peers via the microphone and messaging option. All the learning resources, homework, assessment, and progress records are shared through our learning management system. Each teacher, students and parents will have separate login credentials.

Each pupil at the Al-Rushd Independent School has maximum attention from all teachers, to cater to the slow learners and clarify challenging study areas. It is meant to ensure that students achieve maximum benefit from the school.

State School vs Our School

At Al Rushd Independent School, we understand the importance of effective online learning, especially in these unprecedented times. While state schools had to quickly adopt alternative measures to continue teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic, Al Rushd Independent School was purposely designed for online teaching using online learning design principles.
Unlike traditional state schools, we offer small class sizes, ensuring that students receive one-on-one attention from their teacher. This allows our highly qualified professionals to focus on each student’s needs and ensure they understand the concepts being taught. Our teachers take pride in delivering outstanding lessons, and we provide a week-by-week overview of the concepts and content that will be covered.
We understand that students may struggle with classwork or homework, and our teachers are always available to discuss your child’s learning and development. If additional support and guidance are needed, parents can arrange a meeting with their child’s class teacher.
In state schools, large class sizes often led to ineffective and inefficient teaching, resulting in students struggling to engage with their teachers and complete daily tasks and activities. At Al Rushd Independent School, we ensure that each student receives the attention and support they need to succeed, without feeling neglected or ignored.
Join us on this journey towards academic excellence and effective online learning. Enroll your child in Al Rushd Independent School today, where they can receive the attention and support they deserve.

Providing top-tier British Education with Qualified Tutors!


Experience the excellence of British education from the comfort of your home with Al-Rushd Independent School. Our school delivers a comprehensive and interactive British national curriculum directly to you, featuring a range of recognized subjects, regardless of your location in the world. We provide courses from key stage 2 to sixth-form college, all taught by a team of expert tutors. Al-Rushd not only meets your educational expectations but also goes above and beyond to offer an enriched online learning experience.